“Evolution / Improvement” “Altruism” “Work hard”

With altruistic spirit, work hard to evolve and improve

The purpose of life is to help people at least,
To do so, improve personality and enrich humanity,
To that end, the only way to hone your heart and create a caring heart and to hone your heart is “Be patient, cheerful, positive, with good will and goodwill, love the job, work hard and hard.”

“Work hard” with the aim of “evolution and improvement” in “altruistic spirit”

And as a pioneer of water jet processing, we aim to be a proposal-type contract company that continues technological innovation with advanced refinement.

Challenge the possibilities of water jet processing
Thinking that “technology is born from wisdom”, always innovate without forgetting ideas and ingenuity
Create work by making proposals from our company without waiting for customer consultation
Maximize collaboration among manufacturing industries in the TAMA region



Thank you very much for coming to our website. “To deliver this water jet” is our company spirit.

In 1975, the predecessor remodeled the eaves of his home and started designing and producing molds for printed circuit boards.

Later, in 1980, after incorporation and factory relocation, the water jet processing machine, which was still rare for that time, was introduced in 1989.

Since then, over 30 years, we have had the opportunity to interact with a large number of customers, and while dealing with many issues and various materials, we have refined water jet processing technology and accumulated processing know-how.

In addition to its water jet processing technology and processing know-how, we have four distinctive water jet processing machines that demonstrate optimum performance, and our employees who are seriously facing water jet processing every day are responsible for manufacturing our products. We will help you solve problems and realize your dreams.

Please take advantage of Yoneyama’s water jet processing.

Yoneyama Waterjet Cutting, inc.
President Toshiomi Yoneyama