Cutting, trimming, drilling, etc.

Supports materials that do not want to be damaged during processing, and difficult-to-process materials such as CFRP and titanium alloys


Leave difficult-to-process materials to water jet processing!

Difficult-to-process materials such as CFRP, composite materials and laminates can be cut out freely. Please contact us if you are worried about the distortion or alteration of the material due to the heat effect during processing.

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Industry: Aviation / Space / Automobile / Heavy industry / Plant / Transportation infrastructure / Social infrastructure / Various devices / Semiconductor / Power generation related / Energy infrastructure / LCD / Defense / Security / Medical / Sound / Architecture / Design / Transportation / Building materials / Construction, etc.


Rough processing of expensive and special thick plate materials such as nickel alloy, aluminum alloy and quartz glass


Cost cut with water jet!

Costs can be cut by using water jet for expensive materials that require rough machining.

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Industry: Aviation / Space / Automobile / Heavy Industry / Plant / Transportation Infrastructure / Social Infrastructure / Various Equipment / Energy Infrastructure / LCD / Defense & Security / Architecture / Design / Building Materials / Construction, etc.

Evaluation / test specimen

Cross-section observation without damaging the material

Test pieces

Please consider water jet processing for opening inspection and cross-sectional structure inspection.

Unlike other processing technologies, our water jet processing has the feature of not damaging the material function and is suitable for cross-sectional structure inspection that requires accurate measurement of the inside of the material.
In addition to inspecting our own products, even contracted contractors can process materials without damaging them. If you need help, consult us.

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Type of industry: Research / analysis evaluation organization / Various manufacturers (development team, research, analysis, production technology), etc.


Surface peeling, groove processing, deburring, water peening, etc.

Groove processing

We can handle various processes besides cutting!

By adjusting the pressure, not only cutting but also surface peeling, grooving, deburring, water peening, etc. can be handled with a water jet.