Trade name Yoneyama Waterjet Cutting, inc.
Representative Representative Director Toshiomi Yoneyama
Person called advisor Kenji Yoneyama
Location Head Office (Office / Head Office Factory)
24-10 Higashimatsubara, Hakonezaki, Mizuho-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo 190-1222
TEL:+81-42-556-2358 FAX:+81-42-556-2131

Arai factory (2nd factory)
21-6 Higashi Matsubara, Hakonezaki, Mizuho-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo

Founding May 1975
Founded may 1980
Capital 15,750,000 yen
Employee 9 people
Business description Waterjet contract processing
Main equipment 4 water jet machines (with abrasive and hydro)
Machining center, milling machine, ultrasonic cleaner, barrel polisher, rotary deburring machine, hot air dryer, CCD measuring instrument, etc.
Main activities Environmental improvement activities (Acquired ISO14001 certification in 2004 when activities started)
BCP Voluntary Activities (Participated in the Tokyo Metropolitan BCP formulation project and started activities in 2011)
5S voluntary activities
Voluntary quality control activities
Major awards 13th SME Excellent New Technology / New Product Award  Received “Excellent Award” in Technology / Product category
(2001 Asahi SME Promotion Foundation, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun)
Approved as 300 healthy manufacturing companies (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, SME Agency 2009)
Main development Development of a bending machine for lightweight profile (aluminum square tube, etc.) (1999-2003)
Tokyo Metropolitan University of Science and Technology (current Tokyo Metropolitan University)
In 2000, the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Corporation is eligible for subsidies for management and technology activation (Industry-Academia)


May 1975 Kenji Yoneyama started processing molds for printed circuit boards as a personal business
May 1980 Reorganized as a legal entity Established Yoneyama Waterjet Cutting, inc.
May 1981 Moved headquarters factory to current location as business developed
August 1984 Along with business expansion, the factory was expanded and the capital was increased to 6 million yen.
April 1985 Sequential introduction of OA / NC equipment
January 1990 Introduced water jet processing machine (SWS4125) and started contract processing
August 1991 Reorganized as a corporation
August 1992 Increased capital to 10 million yen
April 1997 Introduced water jet No. 2 (SWS4125) (started operation of two water units)
Started development of shape and shape bending machine
April 1999 Completed lightweight shape bending machine and started contract processing
December 2001 Large R lightweight shape bending machine completed成
March 2002 Introduced water jet No. 3 (SWS1100) (started operation of three water units)
Started precision water jet processing
January 2003 Started selling standard products for bending aluminum square tubes
December 2003 Introduced Water Jet Unit 4 (SWS4425) (Abolished Unit 1)
October 2004 Acquired environmental ISO14001 certification
January 2005 Introduced Water Jet Unit 5 (SWS4425L) (Abolished Unit 2)
April 2007 Established Waterjet Processing Laboratory
August 2008 Toshiomi Yoneyama assumed the position of President
December 2013 Second factory (Arai factory) opened
March 2014 Increased capital to 15.75 million yen
March 2014 Introduced water jet No. 6 (SWS4643) at the Arai Plant (started operation of four units)