Environmental Philosophy

We are deeply aware that conservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues common to all humankind, and we will do our best to preserve and continuously improve the global environment through all the activities we can be involved in.

As a pioneer in environmentally friendly water jet processing, we will strive to disseminate, promote and disseminate information on water jet processing technology and promote environmental improvements.

Environmental policy

We always recognize the environmental aspects related to our activities, products and services, and strive to continuously improve the effectiveness of our management system with the aim of improving performance while preventing environmental pollution.
We will comply with legal requirements related to our activities, products and services, and other agreed requirements, set voluntary standards as necessary, and improve the quality of management.
We set environmental targets as management priority themes related to our activities, products, and services, and work on continuous improvement activities.
  • 1)We aim to reduce environmental impact through business improvements.
  • 2)We aim to reduce environmental impact through energy conservation activities.
  • 3)Aiming to reduce environmental impact by spreading environmentally friendly water jet processing
We will raise employee awareness of the environment, clarify responsibility and authority, and work together to improve operations.

May 1, 2018
Yoneyama Waterjet Cutting, inc.
Representative Director Toshiomi Yoneyama

Scope of application

1.Target organization
Yoneyama Waterjet Cutting, inc.
2.Business description
Light-weight shape bending such as water jet machining and aluminum square tube
3.Scope of application
Applicable to Yoneyama Waterjet Cutting, inc.’s business activities in “water jet machining and bending of lightweight sections such as aluminum square tubes”