Water jet processing has less heat impact Does not damage the material function

Any material can be used

High-pressure high-speed water uses tap water and abrasive grains use natural stone.In addition, it is an environmentally friendly processing method with no chemical changes or generation of toxic gases during processing, and moreover, it is a processing method that is gentler on the workpiece.

Pioneering new processing fields

Water jet processing is diverse, but it is not a replacement for conventional processing methods. It is one of the new tools to create new products and parts by combining them, and complement each other’s weak fields. Construction method.

Target material Heat effect Machining accuracy speed Thin plate Plank
Water jet processing Choose any material None
Cutting / machining Metal / resin
Various(Material limited for each device)
Yes sankaku
Sheet metal processing Metal (steel, aluminum, SUS, etc.) Yes batu
Laser processing Steel etc. Yes batu
Wire cutting and electrical discharge machining Conductive materials and steel materials Yes sankaku
Fusing Steel Yes sankaku sankaku