Our quality control system
Since water jet processing does not choose a material, we handle many materials with different characteristics.

We handle materials of all kinds such as brittle glass and ferrite, easily scratched resin, easily deformable thin plate materials, heavy metals, special products and modules. We are handling them together.

Order / Acceptance / Custody
We will comply with promises such as confidentiality agreements. Even if there is no contract, we will respond based on the rules of faith.

If it is lightweight, you can either send it by courier such as Yamato Takkyubin or Sagawa Express or bring it directly to our company.You can either send heavy items by consolidated flights such as Seino Transportation or bring them directly to us. In special cases, we will take charter flights or bring them directly to us, and in some cases we will ask you to pick them up.
The storage and handling after the custody will be managed based on the QC process chart so that there will be no scratches or damage.

Please note that we do not accept any substances subject to regulations such as RoHS / WEEE.

Manufacturing, inspection, packing, shipping
Based on the specifications required by customers (finished condition such as dimensions, scratches, burrs, chipping, and delivery time), we set processing conditions for each material and thickness, and work according to the QC process chart.We will respond as necessary, such as material level and identification management for each cut product.

The inspection is performed using calipers, micros, convexs, and CCD measuring instruments.

Packing and shipment are basically based on the condition at the time of custody, and we will deliver the package in an equivalent state image. If requested, we will pack and ship accordingly.

Inspection 1
Inspection instrument