Yoneyama Seisakusho Co., Ltd. has a social responsibility as a company to properly handle information (personal information) that can identify a specific individual such as the customer’s name, address, and email address. We are deeply aware that we are committed to protecting and respecting your personal information based on the following sections.
We will comply with the laws and regulations related to personal information protection, maintain internal rules, and handle personal information appropriately.

In acquiring personal information, we will notify or announce the purpose of use, collect the necessary range of information properly, and use it within the range of the purpose of use. When outsourcing product delivery or data processing, we may provide your personal information to external contractors with necessary and appropriate supervision.
In addition, for the above purpose of use, we may take necessary measures and share personal information such as name, address, telephone number, and inquiry content among our affiliated companies.
The personal information of customers provided to us may be used for the following items in addition to those individually notified and publicized.

  1. Provision of products and services for which you have applied
  2. Guidance and information on other products and services from our company
  3. User support
  4. Questionnaire, survey and research materials
  5. Use for product planning and development

We will not provide or disclose personal information to third parties without your consent.
Provided, however, that this shall not apply when required by law or other laws concerning the protection of personal information.

In order to prevent the loss, leakage, falsification, unauthorized access, etc. of personal information, we will take appropriate security and strive for safety measures.
In addition, we will continually review the handling of personal information, including this policy, by changing, modifying, or adding.
Any revisions to this policy and the handling of personal information will be announced on this page.

Please contact the following for requests, inquiries and complaints regarding correction, suspension of use, disclosure, etc. of your personal information.

Contact information TEL:+81-42-556-2358