Aluminum (A5052)

Aluminum (A5052) Plate thickness 10t x 115mm x 250 half flange shape (flange width 12mm)  13-φ6mm Orthodox water jet cutting and drilling. There is no heat effect, no deformation, and no discoloration.The cutting width is about 1mm, and it can be arranged without gaps even when many pieces are taken, so there is no waste
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Silicone sponge rubber

Silicone sponge rubber Silicon sponge rubber with a plate thickness of 2mm, outer size is □ 55mm × 91mm business card size with R5 at one corner. The square hole in the middle is 30mm × 30mm with R3 at two corners.There are 3 round holes with 3 φ3.5mm and 5 φ1.0mm. Since the processing
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An object with aluminum in acrylic (Plastic / nonferrous metal / Abrasive cutting)

Base: Acrylic 5.0t × 49 × 65, Lattice 15 × 15, Slit width 1.0 [mm] Piece: Aluminum (A5052) 10.0t × 15 × 15 [mm] With water jet processing, there is little heat effect or processing stress during processing, so distortion does not occur even when the aspect ratio is 5 times.