Foam, bubbles, porous


Urethane foam (foam plastic / hydro cutting)

Foam urethane 1,000 × 1,000 × 80t [mm] Resin-based foams, fibers, paper, etc. can be processed only with water.High pressure hydro type is also used for trimming automotive interior materials and cutting disposable diapers. (The unevenness of the product in the photo is not due to water jet processing, but was taken up so that
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Silicone sponge rubber

Silicone sponge rubber Silicon sponge rubber with a plate thickness of 2mm, outer size is □ 55mm × 91mm business card size with R5 at one corner. The square hole in the middle is 30mm × 30mm with R3 at two corners.There are 3 round holes with 3 φ3.5mm and 5 φ1.0mm. Since the processing
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